Why Dance?

Dance and Movement is a multi-layered exercise and art form. The cardiovascular exercise, balance, toning of muscles and conditioning of joints are just a few benefits. Dance is fun! As a group activity that engages the social self, playing with music, rhythm and repetition engages the brain and teaches us a whole new language. This is why dance is recommended in some schools as a study booster. Dance grows bulk in the brain. A person who dances, any dance/movement on a regular basis, will change their brain. Constantly creating new rhythms and changing steps and moves creates new neural pathways. Human beings of all ages need this. Just like learning a new language helps us to become excellent multi-taskers and keeps the mind fresh and the memory functioning well, so learning the language of movement grows capacity and ability to focus and improves memory. Dance registers in the same place, in the brain, which is responsible for cognition. Dancing grows our brains!

The interpretation of music into rhythms, movement, facial expression and sounds engages us on an emotional level. The brain is engaged in the expression of this language of movement. The practice of expressing thoughts and feelings in a clear and positive manner, through dance can become a skill that will transfer into other areas of life. As human beings, we danced before we even had musical instruments. This is an essential part of being human. Most cultures have traditional dances. This dancing may unite us, send us into trance or help us celebrate the many cycles of life and being alive.

In our Conscious Dance Classes we will explore many of these aspects, using organic movement and evocative and inspiring music. All human beings with a willingness to explore mindful movement, as a practice, are welcome. No experience necessary.

Classes: Tuesdays 6pm
Alternate Fridays 7:45am