Classes to bring back your zing.

Kundalini classic

Beginners to advanced yoga practitioners will enjoy this class with its’ classic kundalini yoga class structure (as taught by yogi bhajan): warm up, prananyama, healing yoga set, deep relaxation and meditation. This class is an opportunity to release tension and tightness from the body, connect with the quiet inner sense and use the rejuvenating qualities of yoga to rebalance endocrine and nervous systems alike.

Meditative kundalini

Although we still follow the structure of a classic kundalini yoga class (as taught by yogi bhajan), the feeling of this class is calmer with deeper stretching, a slightly shorter yoga set and slightly longer relaxation and meditation. This is the perfect way to wind down your day or your week. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Kundalini fusion

A combiniation class where we practice a short yoga set as a warm up to a power walk, walking meditation or meditative dance session. This is a lively and energising class. Intensity of the class will depend on participants.

Conscious dance

expressive dance/organic movement is a modality we can use to express the unspoken and play in the language of dance, music, breath and sound . Regular practice helps improve memory, neuroplasticity and mental acuity. Come and try our 1 hr guided dance journeys. Fun, relaxing and rejuvenating. Open to all levels of fitness. No experience necessary.

Individual sessions

Book your assessment now. We’ll look at your stress levels, health and fitness and tailor a program to invite your personal zing back in.